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We recommend contacting a public insurance adjuster also known as a private adjuster even if your insurance adjuster has already filed his or her report. A qualified, licensed, and bonded Public Adjuster has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help obtain your maximum entitlements under your policy. You’re in the right place to find a top Public Insurance Adjuster

Don’t worry If your claim was closed, if your claim was denied, if your claim was underpaid, or your insurance company already made payment on your claim. A claim is not settled until the policy holder is satisfied with their settlement. Any claim can be re-opened, or reviewed. A public adjuster can re-open your claim for you by notifying your insurance company by phone or sending a letter of representation.

Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster, or Private Adjuster for Property Claims Assistance?

It’s your responsibility (burden) to prove the extent of your loss to your Insurance Carrier. Standard policies contain dozens of pages and a multitude of provisions and stipulations – all in legal and technical terms.  Regular people usually don’t understand all of the legal jargon. Are you aware that for an insurance company to pay you for your loss, YOU have to satisfy certain conditions? Are you aware that if you don’t satisfy these policy requirements they may lower your settlement amount, or even worse get your claim denied? A qualified and trained public insurance adjuster can help make sure you meet all of the policy conditions, document your loss and get your claim paid.

The best time to take a crash course in properly presenting your property insurance claim is most likely not when you’ve been a victim of a disaster and have a pipe burst, water damage claim, a hurricane claim, a house fire claim, vandalism claim or some other event to your property. There may be several other urgent factors to worry about like finding a place of residence or an temporary business location, dealing with a loss and the accompanying emotional trauma or taking care of family, job, or worse a personal injury.

Remember that the insurance company’s adjuster is representing the insurance company. The insurance company can even misinterpret their own policy or fail to apply local statutes or case law which overrules their own policy. A public insurance adjuster has resources to help you through the maze of estimating, documenting, and filing your property insurance claims.

The first steps are critical. Start getting Property Claims Assistance from a public adjuster now.