The process of estimating and repairing properties that suffer hail storm damage can pose various problems, as insurance companies have different adjusting standards.  Due to the discretionary nature of the adjusting process, many homeowners and policyholders are only offered partial repairs instead of the full replacement compensation they may be entitled to receive.  Therefore, it makes sense to hire a pubic adjuster to handle your hail claim in order to make sure you are fully compensated.
Some issues that are frequently encountered are the nature and extent of the damages and the dollar amount that your insurance company may offer you, considering the provisions and limitations of your policy.  The insurance company adjuster’s training and expertise plays an important role in determining how your claim will be settled.  For example, will you be compensated for a full roof replacement or for partial repairs?  And did the adjuster apply depreciation to your roof, and if so, is it a fair value?  Many times, insurers will classify hail damage as regular wear and tear and as a result, deny or reduce claim payments.  A public adjuster with the proper expertise can discuss technical details with the insurer’s staff and may prove your entitlement to receive proper compensation.
Since your roof is among the most vital and valuable structures of your property, it is essential to accurately document all damages and have the adjustment process professionally handled in order to receive fair and honest compensation.  Being fully informed and knowing what questions to ask will help protect your biggest property investment.